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The Smoking Shields Cigar Organization. was established in 2015 to address the lack of a fraternal organization of law enforcement professionals who shared their passion of enjoying premium cigars and a desire to help our nation’s heroes.

The Smoking Shields’ purpose is to provide financial assistance to Law Enforcement professionals and our nation’s military and their immediate families nationwide.


The Smoking Shields Maryland was approved by the founding chapter in New York in April of 2017. Smoking Shields Maryland currently has over 270 members.

One of the charities we are active with is Operation Cigars for Warriors . This fantastic organization collects cigars from numerous sources and gets them to our nation’s brave men and women fighting on the front lines, protecting our freedoms. To date we have sent multiple cigars for distribution to our troops.

The Smoking Shields is comprised of all areas of Law Enforcement, Federal, State, County, City, and Town / Village agencies are represented in the club. The Smoking Shields also includes many Men and Women who are currently or have previously served honorably in our US Armed Forces.

The Smoking Shields Maryland is Incorporated and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

April M. Perkins

Keith D. Matthews
    Head Treasurer
Northern Lodge

Central Lodge

Scott Whitfield
Vice President
Carl Pearsall
Cathy St Clair
Recording Secretary
Sgt At Arms

Vice President
Lisa Thomas 
Marcus Jenkins
Sgt. At Arms
Ryan Costin
Recording Secretary

Southern Lodge

Aaron Hunter
Vice President
and Treasurer
Roger Morrow
Sgt. At Arms
Rosalie Powell
Recording Secretary
Jasmine Vaughn-Hall
Public Information Officer
Luis Rodriguez
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