Smoking Shields Resource Corner

The life of the Police, Military and Firefighter is tough, stressful, and dangerous. We are put in dangerous situations every day, whether arresting an armed suspect, responding to a domestic violence call, chasing a wanted felon, or running into a burning building to evacuate residents.

When considering officer wellness and safety, it’s important to go beyond the immediate dangers in the field and recognize the stress and psychological strain police work can cause. More officers are killed or removed from duty due to vehicle accidents, chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, and other problems that often stem from high stress environments. Additionally, law enforcement personnel and others who work with victims and respond to cases of violence are at risk of being negatively impacted by the effects of vicarious trauma.

For law enforcement to be effective in this difficult and dangerous field, building trust and mutual respect between police officers and their communities is essential. By creating stronger human connections and increasing community engagement, public safety will improve and crime fighting will become more effective.

The Smoking Shields Maryland Chapter will spotlight our partner companies that are supporting our active team by offering valuable resources that will help them through many tough situations. 

Know of any Non Profit programs that support our active teams....please send us the info at Please label your submission as "New SSMD Resource"

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