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 The SSMD Helping Hands Project is focused on assisting the families of our fallen heroes!!

The Smoking Shields Maryland Chapter is a local Non-Profit 501 c3 group of present or retired Baltimore City Police and other Law Enforcement agencies Firefighters and Military personnel (Honorably Discharged). Our Mission is to provide support for our troops who are actively fighting for our freedoms, as well as offer some support the families of our beloved fallen family members.


This effort is really heavy on our hearts because SSMD is made up of more than 37 various Police Agencies. And we have unfortunately had fellow Officers, Military, and Firemen who have lost their lives. Our goal is very simple, we are committed to raising funds for the families of these fallen heroes, and then personally deliver the raised funds to ensure that the funds are given directly to the family.

By pressing this "Donation" button, you are authorizing The SSMD Chapter to apply your donation towards the Memorial Fund Drive!!

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